Bird Lew’s patients have sent many letters and cards describing how their experience improved or changed their lives.


"Bird's treatments open up a zone of deep relaxation that re-energizes the body and mind, accelerates the healing process and restores the energy flow."

— Daron Rahlves, US Olympian


"I feel very fortunate to have worked with Bird Lew personally and professionally, with my patients, for 15 years.  I've always been impressed with her knowledge, skill and compassionate healing.  I count on Bird to assist my patients with increasing mobility, decreasing pain/inflammation, and energetic balancing.  I consider Bird a treasure of our healing arts and athletic community."    

 --Ladd Williams PT, SCS


"Bird's sessions have always been a major component in opening a doorway to healing for me."    

 --Karen Stubbs, L.M.T., Bodyworker

"I had a great trip planned, 5 days of cat skiing & 4 days of heli skiing.  I had an injury and was going to cancel. With Bird's treatment, I made the trip and had a ball.
Thanks, Bird, I would not have made it without you."    

 ---Bob Yoder



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