Bird Lew’s methodology comprises a tapestry of varied disciplines, culled from over
30 years in studies of complementary therapies, from which she draws from in the treatment of her patients.

Treatments include access to a patient’s core energy, as it excels in resolving chronic, complicated cases, as well as difficult pain-management situations, where the condition has rendered a patient in the direction of exhaustion, or a non-resolved plateau. This provides a strong adjunct alongside conventional western treatments for acute or chronic conditions, and is particularly effective in prevention of stress-induced illnesses and injuries.

Alongside observations and insights, Bird Lew applies a combination of the following treatments to support many acute symptoms, including the clearing of stressors and performance drags:

Non-needle Services Available including:

• Acupuncture needle stimulation
• Acupressure point stimulation
• Electric stimulation using the
  Acutron Mentor
• Light Therapy using the Acutron Mentor
• Manual physiotherapy
• Myofascial Release
• Trigger Point Needling
• Guidance in Therapeutic activities,
  Postural mechanics, Herbal
  considerations, Breath Awareness.
• Acugems Facial Rejuve: key components
  that help balance and rejuvenate skin to
  the next level.
• Evolver Therapy: A new, more emotionally
  awakened science of bringing the body
  back into harmony.
• NKT Neurokinetic Therapy
• Gua Sha
• Cupping


What Our Clients Say
"Bird's sessions have always been a major component in opening a doorway to healing for me.".Read More