"Acupuncture therapy has an application to preventative medicine, immune response enhancement, pain relief, muskuloskeletal tissue healing, and promotion of healing mechanisms in all illness.  Since the stimulation works to trigger enhanced healing mechanisms in your body, correcting dysfunctions that perpetuate illness and prevent proper tissue healing, we can say that it works by restoring homeostasis, or normal healthy function. It is an excellent way to normalize stress as well as being an effective complementary therapy for all standard medical treatment, and by its nature is always a preventative medicine, as well as a treatment for acute symptoms."

— Paul Reller

Bird Lew’s methodology comprises a tapestry of varied disciplines, culled from over
30 years in studies of complementary therapies, from which she applies to chronic
as well as acute symptoms, including the clearing of stressors and performance drags.


What Our Clients Say
"Bird's sessions have always been a major component in opening a doorway to healing for me.".Read More